AAA hydro indoor thin mint Girl Scout cookies priced to sell


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I have multiple strains of indoor grown top shelf meds available great smell/look/taste perfect for dispensaries or

delivery services great appeal or for any Prop 215 patients available is (Co2)
( Hash )
( afghani oil )
( Crumble )
( Og kush)
( Sour diesel )
( white widow )
( super silver haze)
( jack herer )
( Alaskan thunder fuck)
( green ##### )
le diesel)
(Trainwreck)( Shatter )
( wax)
Contact details:::+1(786) 505-7726
Og, Lemon OG, Tahoe Og, Yoda Og, Rascal Og and more wont last goes fast text rec/Id all donations will be in my store safe

and secured, Thanks.

Contact details:::+1(786) 505-7726

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