How can I clean out the liquid resin in my pipe?


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Ok, so everyone knows how, in certain pipes, while you are scraping for resin, eventually you run into that liquidy resin oil that you can’t really scrape because it just gets everywhere. What is an effective way of scraping this out so I can smoke it?? Can I just leave it open to dry and it will be dry enough to remove in the morning? I’ve also read that I can just take a small bud and a toothpick, skewer the bud, and use it like a Q-tip and I’ll have a resin covered bud. Is this effective? Any help is accepted, thanks all!

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  1. wons

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    The small bud idea is a good idea for that case! I wonder how effective that would be. One thing that works well is just roaching the bowl and smoking the resin as is. A lot of the times people resort to that when there is no more bud available. 🙂

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