I had a psychotic break and panic attacks, how do i stop them?


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So I use to smoked weed almost every day for about a year and it was pretty strong weed, I quit on thanksgiving and then on Christmas I decided to smoke again. I got strong weed like I normally smoke, hopping to have a nice and relaxing christmas. At first it was really nice, almost like an acid/lsd trip but not the trippy kind, the kind that just makes you feel really good. It was going well until a song came on and it had a kind of sad beat to it, which got me thinking about life and then I started getting really emotional and even started crying. I just felt really lost, my stepbrother tried calming me down which at first it was working but then that’s when I had a psychotic break. I felt as if I was in hell, like in limbo, my heart was racing and beating really fast and i just looked at him, called him the devil and said I was in hell, I told him I killed myself. I started freaking out and I thought the only way to stop it was to actually kill my self or I had to kill the devil, but I kept thinking to myself hes family and I can’t do that, also how was I suppose to kms if I was already in hell. I don’t really remember what all happened that night but at one point I thought I was crazy and I was imagining my entire life and I was really locked up in a mental hospital. After that night I smoked a few more times in the next like 2 or 3 weeks, and all of those times except 2 i had panic attacks and it felt like the same things happened Every time but like they were different. Now I never really been religious but since then I kinda started believing in heaven and hell. Things have been napping that seem like a higher power has been there but when I’m not sober I just feel like the devil/ demon is there with me. I Also have been having a hard time with my stepbrother, like he just doesn’t seem like the same person anymore, it almost feels like something is possessing him or has is skin and they are going after me.

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