Why does weed make so sick


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Why does weed make me, dizzy/spin, heart pound hard, black out, vomit, get cold, light hallucination. I’m not a smoker at all. But I’ve wanted to try it. I’ve tried it 3 times. Once from a joint the other fron a pipe and bong. All 3 times ended in me unable to move or walk my eye sight is spinning so much, I’m throwing up, I can feel my heart pound scary hard, o get cold swear, I start to hear things and have light visionary hallucinations and I will black out over and over until my stomach is calm enough that I can crawl to my bed or on the floor to sleep it off. Lasts usually 1 to 2 hours. After Its done I feel ok I’m hungery and thirsty. One page called it pulling a whitey, another said I was allergic. Thoughts.

The definition of whitey symptoms is DEAD on for what I felt dyi….


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