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Sativa V. Indica

The legalization movement has brought renewed attention to marijuana, but for many the differences between different types and strains can be a bit overwhelming. However, it is important for medical patients to distinguish between the two primary types of marijuana, indica and sativa.


Indica, formerly known as cannibas indica, is a marijuana plant known for its higher levels of CBC. This strain of marijuana is generally seen as calmer, less likely to trigger anxiety that is sometimes a side effect of use. Indicas are usually seen as “body highs”, creating a state in which people don’t want to move and prefer to relax their muscles ( This type of high is often associated with nighttime, or relaxing before going to bed. Medically, indicas are also seen as more effective at reducing muscle aches and other body pains. Examples of indicas include GDP, Pure Kush, and God’s Gifts (

Sativa, or cannibas sativa, is considered more of a “mind high”. Sativas are known to produce increased creativity and imagination ( This is often the preferred type for day time use, and especially for creative endeavors, such as painting, writing poetry, and coming up with creative solutions to complex problems. Sativas also can help alleviate depression, helping patients overcome mental issues. Examples of sativas include Cherry AK and Strawberry Diesel (

Sativa plants are generally larger and thinner, and Indica plants are shorter and wider ( Sativas generally have a “grassier” scent than their Indica counterparts. While indicas and sativas are the two primary types of marijuana strands, this is only the beginning. A variety of hybrids are available, to provide medical patients the proper mixture of the two. There are three primary types of hybrids: Sativa-dominated hybrids, Indica-dominated hybrids, and even hybrids ( As the names suggest, Sativa-dominated hybrids create mind highs, with relaxing effects on the body. Indica-dominated hybrids reduce body pain, but combine with a touch of a head high as well. Even hybrids balance the two, providing a relaxing mix of body and mind highs in one strand.

*While medical marijuana is a growing industry throughout the United States, each individual patient has different needs that should be carefully considered. Fortunately, there are medical doctors throughout the United States that can provide a more detailed explanation of how indicas and sativas can cater to the individual needs of each patient.

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