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Ways to Consume Marijuana

There has been much debate over the years over the best way to get marijuana into one’s system.  Here are few of the top ways to smoke, drink or ingest marijuana. 

Marijuana Cigarettes (Joint)

One way to smoke marijuana is threw a marijuana cigarette.  While healthier than typical cigarettes, this is not the healthiest method possible.  However, it can be an easier way to avoid unwanted attention.


A classic way to smoke marijuana by using the wrap of a Cigar to roll a “Blunt”. On a Reddit Ask Me Anything on Dec. 5 Snoop told Redditors that he smokes 81 blunts a day every day.


Pipes are another common way to smoke.  Pack a bowl, cover the carb, and let the process begin.


Bongs are another common method of marijuana consumption.  These large devices are a way to quickly and effectively maximize your marijuana consumption.  There is also extra filtering devices that can make the smoke less unhealthy.


This classic is a way to create your own pipe by using an apple core.  This is an old score way to create a pipe that is easily dispensable, and much more environmental!


From brownies to banana bread, edibles are forms of food that contain marijuana.  These are easy to consume, though they can be unexpectedly powerful.  Plus, it may take awhile for the digestion process to kick in, taking a while for someone to feel the desired effects.

Vaporizers (Weedwall Top Pick)

Vaporizers heat up marijuana to a certain temperature, rendering it possible to inhale (  There are number of different types of vaporizers, including some that use plastic bags.  Weedwall has a number of recommended types available on its website.


Among the most popular drinks are sodas and teas.  Teas are an especially calm and tranquil way to consume, and also create a social atmosphere with fellow users.


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